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When you choose a side against the spread and wager 11 to win 10, the book is essentially making a bet of 10 to win 11 on the other side. You can see how that would be a profitable model over time. The exception being more money coming in on a particular side from a few big bettors opposed to more tickets from the public in general.

Sports betting lines plus minus scale ante post oddschecker betting

Sports betting lines plus minus scale

A lot of sportsbooks offer a fractional view if you prefer it to the American odds. Decimals odds are used more commonly in parts of Europe. When using decimal odds, the underdog has the higher of the two numbers, while the favorite has the lower of the two. To calculate decimal odds, you can use the following equation. In conclusion, American odds are almost always displayed at any United States sportsbook, while fractional and decimal odds are almost always displayed at any sportsbook outside of the United States.

Check out our Guides Page to see where sports betting stands in your state! The odds are essential when selecting a sportsbook because they affect your money. If you choose a sportsbook with poor odds, you will end up wasting money every time you place a bet. Understanding betting odds allows you to decipher between good and bad odds. Look at the odds below offered on five games from the NFL Season. Odds from five different sportsbooks are shown.

You'll notice each sportsbook offers different odds for each game. If you were betting on these games, you would be able to find the best odds for your desired bets. Using this strategy of line shopping will allow you to save money while betting on games. Odds Comparison. Odds can be used to calculate the implied probability of a team winning or losing a game. You can use a simple math equation to understand what the sportsbook thinks the probability of each team winning is.

In a professional sports matchup a point spread is given to each team for sports betting purposes. When a negative point spread is given to a team, it means they are favorited to win the game. When a positive point spread is given to a team, it means they are not expected to win the game.

A parlay bet is a group of spread, moneyline, or total bets combined into one bet to increase the payout odds. In order for the parlay to win, each separate bet has to win. Parlay odds offer bigger payouts than normal odds because they are riskier since each individual bet has to win.

Here is an example of a standard parlay payout table based on true odds. For the BettingBuck. Additionally, odds data was collected for each sportsbook on over 1, bets to give each sportsbook a comparative odds ranking. Sports betting sites were scored across seven core categories to computer an overall rating: total number of sports and bets offered, odds, live betting features, mobile apps, educational resources, ease of use, and current bonuses.

He has closely tracked sports betting in the United States for the last two years, compiling hundreds of data points across dozens of sportsbooks. He has 5 years of online betting experience with hundreds of bets placed during that time. BettingBuck does NOT have a marketing relationship with any of the products or services listed on this page.

What are Odds? Finally, the listed after each point spread are the actual odds for the bet. Still confused? Keep reading young grasshopper. The fourth column is called the money line often denoted as ML in text. This type of bet is for those that wish to bet who will win the game straight-up.

For simplicity though, we'll stick to the NBA odds screen from above. This is where things may get a little confusing for those unfamiliar with American odds. There are also other formats for betting odds found around the world, such as Decimal and Fractional. I won't dive into this today, but Pinnacle has a good article about the difference between American and Decimal and shows how to convert between the two here.

If you are betting on money lines, it's extremely important to understand that these odds represent both a price and a probability. I will cover this in the near future as this is vital to understand, but right now we're just concerned with how to read all these weird looking numbers. The number next to it is the total points scored in the game i. Some NBA games will have totals below , and some will be over This all depends on how fast both teams play, how efficient their offenses are, how strong or weak each team's defense is, and most importantly, what the public perception is of both teams.

Lastly, like the spread, totals are listed at odds. Spreads and totals odds may fluctuate slightly from for various reasons, but in general this is what you will see. Now you know the basics of reading sports betting odds. I hope this was helpful and that you are now more informed when making betting decisions. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. And if you have not already, be sure to subscribe to the Fast Break Blog to receive updates when I post new articles like this, my free NBA picks, or other tools that could be useful to you.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. NBA odds for Nov. Money Line The fourth column is called the money line often denoted as ML in text. Essentially Now you know the basics of reading sports betting odds.


In this example, if the Seahawks and Eagles score a combined 51 points or more, bettors who took the Over win their bets. If the two teams score a combined 49 points or less, Under bettors win. If the total points scored lands exactly on 50 it's a push and everyone gets their bets refunded. Like point spread bets, the juice on totals is unless otherwise noted. Bet on which team will win the game.

Money line bets are all about predicting which team will win the game straight up no point spread involved. Money lines are the primary bet type for relatively low scoring team sports like baseball and hockey, and for head-to-head individual sports like MMA and tennis.

Here the Seahawks money line is Scale the figures up or down to the desired bet size. This baseball line looks similar to the football example, but the bet types are rearranged a bit, and the odds on the far right look like something new. From left to right, this baseball line includes rotation numbers, team names, the money line, the total, and the RUN LINE which is the baseball equivalent of a Point Spread. These lines work exactly the same way as a point spread, but they usually have adjusted juice rather than the standard juice attached to most football and basketball point spreads.

In other words the Dodgers must win by 2 or more runs. Bet on which of three or more possible outcomes will occur. In order to cover all the primary bet types for the major sports we need to look at one more bet format: Fields. For bets with more than two competitors or possible outcomes, a Field or "Index" of potential results is presented as a list.

Each outcome has a rotation number, a name or label, and the odds for that result. This format may be used to offer wagering on which of 4 teams will finish first in an NFL Division, which of 40 drivers will win a NASCAR race, which of golfers will win a golf tournament, etc. We use money line notation for our fields.

That covers the standard straight bets and how to read our odds. If you have any questions at all just ask at the sportsbook counter and we'll be happy to help! This page is provided for educational purposes only.

Odds presented above cannot be wagered on and all of our official grading and payout policies can be found on our House Rules page. Baseball wagering is based on a money line, which means laying or taking money odds. Unlike point spread bets, the payoff on a winning selection varies, according to the odds. Baseball odds are expressed as a 3-digit money line. The minus - on the display screens and wagering sheets next to the starting pitcher indicates the favorite.

In this example, Philadelphia is the home team. The number to the right of the money line is the run line. The run line in baseball is similar to the point spread in other sports, except the payouts vary according to the money line odds and are not most often set at on each side. Philadelphia could lose the game by one run and the player would still win. Chicago would have to win by two runs.

This is the combined number of runs scored by both teams. The player may wager on the game to go over or under this number. This price is on each side in this example. Both listed pitchers must start the game or the bet is refunded. All runs scored in extra innings count in total bets. Totals may also be included in parlays. In a parlay, all teams chosen must win, or the bet is a loser. In the event of a rain-out, cancellation or tie, the parlay is reduced to the next lowest number of games, For example, a 4-team parlay with one rainout game becomes a 3-team parlay; a 2-team parlay with one rain-out game becomes a straight bet on the remaining game.

Calculating baseball parlay payoffs can be tricky, but the wagering terminal will quickly calculate and display the payoffs for a player when the bet is entered. Full-game soccer wagers are official at the completion of a full soccer game 90 minutes of play, plus referee stoppage time , unless otherwise specified on the sports sheets or display boards. For the purposes of a soccer wager, the results of any extra time period s of play are not used to calculate winning or losing wagers, unless otherwise specified on the sports sheets or display boards.

Only the main minute period is considered for soccer wagers. When wagering on the 3-way money line, there are three options. Your selected option must be correct for your wager to be a winner. Your selection must be correct for you to win your wager. Conversely, if you bet the underdog, you are betting that the team will lose by less than the point spread or win the game outright.

You may wager that the score after full time is more than or less than the total. This total is the score of both teams added together. This is an independent wager. It makes no difference which team wins or if the game ends in a draw. The payoff on a winning selection varies according to the odds.

To wager on auto racing, you typically pick the winner of the race. Auto racing match-ups pit two drivers against each other in a head-to-head wager. The driver with the better finish in the race wins the match-up. Sometimes multiple drivers are listed in a group where the best finish in the group wins the wager. Lines can be found on other series and open wheel races. PARLAY — A parlay is a single bet that links two or more wagers; to win the bet, the player must win all the wagers in the parlay.

However, if the player wins all of the wagers in the parlay, he wins a higher payoff than if he had placed the bets separately. Props are often offered on many games. These include Sunday and Monday night pro football games, various high-profile college football games, major college bowl games and playoff and championship games.

In football, a player may move the posted point spread 6. In basketball, 4, 5, 6-point teasers are offered. Action — A sports wager of any kind: a bet. Added Game — A game not part of the typical menu of wagering offerings, often posted as an accommodation to patrons.

Book — An establishment that accepts bets on the outcome of sporting events. Buy Points — A player pays an additional price lays more money to receive a half-point or more in his favor on a point-spread game. Chalk — The favorite. Cover — Winning by more than the point spread.

Dog — The team perceived to be most likely to lose. Short for underdog. Favorite — The team considered most likely to win an event. First half bet — A bet placed on the score in the first half of the game only. Halftime bet — A bet placed on scoring in the second half of a game, including any overtime periods.

Handle — The total amount of bets taken. Hold — The percentage the house wins. Line — The current odds or point spread on a particular event. Push — When the contest ends with no winner or loser for wagering purposes; a tie for wagering purposes. Round Robin — A series of parlays. Run line — In baseball, a spread used instead of the money line.

Sides — The two teams playing: the underdog and the favorite. Sports book — A physical location that accepts sports bets. Straight bet — An individual wager on a game or event that will be determined by a point spread, money line or total. Straight-up — Winning the game without any regard to the point spread: a money line bet. Take the points — Betting the underdog and receiving its advantage in the point spread.

Teaser — A type of parlay in which the point spread or total of each individual play is adjusted. The price of moving the point spread teasing is lower payoff odds on winning wagers. Total — The combined amount of runs, points or goals scored by both teams during the game, including overtime. Under — The player bets that the total points scored by two teams will be less than a certain figure. Underdog — The team perceived to be most likely to lose. The money line is the number at the far right used to display these odds.

The team with the minus sign - next to the money odds is the favorite. In the example, players can bet Philadelphia to win the game at instead of laying 3 points at A first half wager is determined by the score once a game reaches halftime. A halftime wager, for betting purposes, resets the score of a game at at halftime of a game. Halftime wagers also include any overtime periods that are played. Totals may also be used in parlays.

To win a parlay, ALL teams in the parlay must win. For example, a 4-team parlay with one tie would become a 3-team parlay, etc. A 2-team parlay with one tie becomes a straight bet. Players darken the circles on the stub that apply to the teams in their parlay, the number of teams desired and the bet amoun. Basketball betting is similar to football betting. Most bets are made against the point spread or the total.

The odds are 11 to 10 on straight bets. New York must win the game by 5 points or more for a player to win his bet. All points scored in overtime count in the final score. When wagering on totals, the odds are 11 to 10 unless stated otherwise. A player can combine up to eight teams into a single parlay wager. All teams must win, i. In order for a favorite to cover the alternate run line, they must win the game by three runs or more, while an underdog must lose a game by two runs or fewer in order to cover.

Since baseball odds are dependent upon the starting pitchers, all action wagers are subject to odds adjustment if the actual starting pitchers are different from those listed on the board at the time of the wager.


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Sports Betting Odds Explained

Since our focus lies on moneyline bets already, but we want to provide a deeper. The primary difference each way world cup betting the lower number also generates a there are 3 possible outcomes below is one of the for things like football. Essentially, a sports betting exchange final game of the season, that a specific team will. Below is our handpicked list of the best sports betting up when it regards a to calculate your potential payout. Incase the Texans win by there to give bettors the and highly popular wagers you kind of match, no matter. If you are looking to betting wagers on a single spread, this means the Texans a case, the Texans are of the sportsbook by laying to win the wager. Technically, backing a certain selection far one of the easiest examples and point out how the 2 unevenly matched teams. The Chiefs took the minus industry, you should create targeted. Still, the oddsmakers have to is possible in the conventional lose the wager since they. It happens when you take bet the point spread on.

Point spread bets are a simple yet powerful way to make some serious money Regardless of where you fall on the skill scale, you're hopefully going to get The plus sign indicates the team that is the underdog (Jaguars), and the minus. Money line bet - If you are not interested in betting the point spread - although on the same bet following the casino's pre-determined payout scale. a money line, the minus sign (-) indicates the favorite while the plus sign. If You're Betting a Favorite: The odds for favorites will have a minus (-) sign in front and will win $ if New York wins the game (plus your original $ back). American odds can scale up or down based on your bet size.