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When you choose a side against the spread and wager 11 to win 10, the book is essentially making a bet of 10 to win 11 on the other side. You can see how that would be a profitable model over time. The exception being more money coming in on a particular side from a few big bettors opposed to more tickets from the public in general.

Bodog sports betting billions showtime sports betting 101 football picks

Bodog sports betting billions showtime

The US Treasury Department has warned licensed casino operators that they must actively combat illegal sports betting. The ASA, after a thorough judgment, agreed. It said that the initial bet was risk-free because customers got the stake back as credit in the account, however, the ASA was concerned that this credit had to be recycled six times at odds greater than 1. Unibet explained that it was not the case that six unique bets were required to be placed as part of the turnover, but rather the subsequent bet placed in and with the turnover must be six times in value of the refunded stake.

They stated that after the stake had been returned to the customer account as bonus as a result of losing the first bet, the. However, the ASA said that from the adverts concerned most consumers would expect that the stake from their first bet would be refunded and could then be withdrawn as cash. Unibet stated that the terms and conditions which detailed the turnover requirements were always easily accessible to customers. ANALYSIS It is a rare month that goes by without the ASA objecting to one gambling ad or another, but there is no suggestion that these were malicious transgressions of the advertising code from the industry.

Due to the rapid expansion of Sky Bet over the last 12 months the new positions have been created in a range of departments across the business, including technology, product development, marketing and customer service. All of the jobs are. The expansion of Sky Bet over the last year means we now need more people to join a number of our departments here in Leeds.

We do everything we can to provide the right environment that delivers job satisfaction, ful-. We would love to hear from people who are energetic, analytical and passionate about building a career in an exciting digital business. The most successful betting companies in the world rely on the advantages of our flexible products. Our new Go4Platinum cabinet is designed to meet all the challenging demands of the modern industry.

It is adjustable according to individual needs and can be equipped with banknote reader, NFC device, recycler, card reader or hooper. The ultra-slim body is supplemented by LEDlight strips, which run along-side the cabinet. Undoubtedly this terminal will be a visual and technical highlight in every location.

Better games through innovation www. Bookmaker Tipico has again become the official sponsor of the International Baroque Festival Valletta which took place in stages all over the Maltese capital last month. The introduction of Point of Consumption was a huge change in the UK gambling industry. However, as a company we are very nimble and as a result we saw very little change to our business operations. More importantly, this shift in practices had no effect on our prices, offering or service to our customers.

With that being said, we have recently seen some competitors depart from the UK market following this legislative transition and this is obviously a considerable advantage for us to capitalise upon. Aided by live updates shown on the site, the feature matches in-play bets instantly so traders never miss a price due to delays. We are growing organically very well simply because we offer the best prices in the industry.

You pride yourself on having better prices than Betfair - how do you keep ahead of the game in this respect? We launched Smarkets believing that commissions charged in the betting exchange industry were near extortionate. Now more than five years later, our industry-low commission rate continues to be our main USP.

Value is key in this industry and we want to continue to be the leader in this regard. Right now our competitors are increasing their flat commissions, upping rates based on location and hindering winning customers with premium charges. How do you see the exchange market developing in ?

As sports betting customers continue to become more informed and more demanding, the exchange market will continue to grow and the value offered by companies will be crucial towards success. The future is full of overrounds shrinking and the use of technology increasing. How do you achieve this and what advantages does it bring? Instant Match is a feature we intro-. We hope it will be the first of many similar deals that help us build the profile of Titanbet.

The Titanbet. VC Holdings, the operating company of sports betting brands Sportingbet, Casino Club and Betboo, has reported a strong end to , with gaming revenues exceeding The company was able to maintain an improved Q4 sport betting margin of 9. The positive performance recorded during the period, has helped the operator to report an expected NGR of The continued success and growth of the group is a result of the tremendous efforts from the talented and motivated staff we have at GVC, all of which have bonus plans aligned to the level of dividends paid to shareholders.

SSA, the sports betting integrity body, has welcomed the latest report from Dutch research body the Asser Institute which found no correlations between live betting or side betting and possible instances of betting-related match fixing in football. The report said that the empirical evidence does not justify a prohibition of these bet types and that the focus of efforts to prevent, investigate, and sanction betting-related match fixing should lie on fraud linked to organised crime.

The challenge comes from Asian. A five-year dataset of football matches worldwide, which the FDS identified as likely to have been targeted by match fixers, enabled the Institute to observe patterns and correlations with certain types of sports bets. In addition, representative samples of football bets placed with sports betting operator Betfair were collected and analysed. The report found that almost all of the suspicious betting activity is detected in the most popular sports betting markets: the Match Odds market i.

It sug-. That matter was, however, assessed in detail in a report on sports organisers rights that was prepared for the Commission by the same authors and which was published earlier in The demand from criminal organisations to exploit the side betting markets, at least those offered by European regulated sports betting operators, was found to be low.

European sports betting operators often offer side bets only for higher-profile events where the players involved would be less likely to risk losing their careers over a spot fixing operation and ordinarily restrict the stakes that will be accepted. Subsequently, also the potential for indi-. The separate Asser study on risk assessment and prevention states that the best examples of good integrity practices have four shared features.

These are: information sharing between betting operators and sport; similar information sharing between betting companies and national gambling regulators as a condition of the licence granted to that betting operator. That information when gathered is analysed by a sports betting integrity unit attached to the national gambling regulator; and that there is a clear process for determining whether there is any evidence of criminal activity.

These are issues that responsible regulated operators promote and it is easy to see why the UK model, in particular, is championed. Instead, it suggests that it would be better to regulate and monitor those markets close to home, especially as most regulated jurisdictions also have the challenge of making the domestic markets attractive enough so that customers do not have the desire to visit black market operators.

The Rockets are among the first NBA franchises to work with DraftKings, the US-based destination for daily fantasy sports, which offers contests for experts and casual players alike. In addition to daily fantasy basketball, DraftKings also offers fantasy contests in additional major professional and college team sports. The partnership includes branded team bench areas and court side signage.

The Edinburgh-founded company, which offers daily fantasy sports prizes, has witnessed increased player numbers and player activity, as the Fanduel created high coverage partnership with US sports franchises and released a mobile game apps. Councils and the betting industry have signed a joint-agreement designed to ensure a more constructive working relationship. The framework is being billed as an opportunity to create a new relationship between councils and the betting industry that helps to ensure councils are confident that their concerns are listened to and acted on.

It also aims to reassure the industry that councils recognise their right to be on the high streets. Concern among councils and some sections of the industry about both clustering and use of gaming machines prompted the LGA to set up a Betting Commission in early , bringing together both sectors to. This framework has been put together by the body. The Betting Commission was the first time that councillors and betting shops firms had sat down to discuss the concerns around betting shops and to try and find a solution.

It showed that while we might not agree on everything, there is a desire on both sides to increase joint-working in order to try and use existing powers to tackle local concerns, whatever they might be. We all look forward through this partnership agreement to building on the successes of different projects betting shop operators and councils are already doing, and discussing concerns in an open and transparent way.

In Ealing, the Southall Betwatch was set up to address concerns about crime and disorder linked to betting shops in the borough. As a result, crime within gambling premises reduced by 50 per cent alongside falls in public order and criminal damage offences.

The first of its kind in Britain, the voluntary agreement allows anyone who is concerned they are developing a problem with their gambling to exclude themselves from all betting shops in the area. Launching it is a good first step, but we need to make sure that it is used and acted on, by councils and betting shops alike.

Betting shop staff want to feel that their work is a valued part of the community. We believe that this framework can help to contribute to that, and will therefore be of benefit to councillors, local communities, betting shop users and staff. In fact, the illegal market is 38 times greater than the legal one. AGA is closely examining the current state of sports betting, the laws that govern it and the best way forward for the gaming industry. The Smith Commission had recommended that Scottish Parliament have the power to prevent the proliferation of FixedOdds Betting Terminals and the Coalition government has agreed by including Clause 33 into its draft legislation.

The exception will permit the variation of the number of FOBTs authorised by virtue of a new betting premises licence, but does not permit variation of the number of such gaming machines authorised by existing betting premises licences. The industry welcomes continued guidance from FinCEN to protect. While casinos routinely look for suspicious bets at sports books and have worked with law enforcement to identify illegal activity - in some cases leading to criminal convictions - no such oversight exists for the illegal sports betting market.

The AGA is committed to aggressively against attempts to use addressing illegal gambling, casinos for money launder- including illegal sports ing and illicit financing and betting, and looks forward to ensure the integrity of the to partnering with FinCEN, U.

The inspection plans contain national inspection strategies which together will cover a large portion of the betting sector. Under the remit of the Better Regulation Delivery Office, the primary authorities worked with each other, and with the Gambling Commission, to develop the inspection plans in response to business concerns about inconsistent test-purchasing. Enforcing officers will have to inform the relevant primary authority before conducting a proactive test-purchase, and will have to provide feedback to the primary authority afterwards.

The results of the national inspection strategies will be used by the primary authorities to help the businesses prevent underage gambling on their. What has this set up allowed you to achieve compared to in the past where you had to pitch for funding on an annual basis?

We are grateful to the Responsible Gambling Trust for providing sufficient funding within a structured format. Having more security obviously allows for better planning, continuity, and innovation regarding services.

Over this past three years GamCare has made significant progress in terms of operational efficiency on our Helpline, and in extending our face to face counselling to now cover over 95 per cent of Great Britain. This growth in our infrastructure is due in large part to secure and reliable funding.

There is more and more pressure on the industry to produce more research into problem gambling - how do you ensure there is still sufficient funding for treatment amongst all the grandstanding? Research is important and there should be a mix of funding available to offer this, as well as prevention and education. However, we are seeing ever increasing numbers of individuals who need sophisticated help due to problems with gambling. It is vital that we get the word out to our funders that the need for direct services and treatment is on the increase, and we cannot let those people down.

As awareness is raised amongst the general public about problems related to gambling, and. There now appears to be a lot more bodies in the problem gambling space. Is this good news that there is more activity in the area or do we have to be wary about diluting the level of expertise available to problem gamblers?

Also, many do not realise that GamCare also provides youth education programmes, training for professionals, as well as social responsibility training for gambling operators. How was this achieved and what other initiatives have you introduced?

Yes, we are really pleased with this performance as more people who truly want help are better able to get it in a timely manner. Obviously, we operate a call centre and therefore we aim to have state of the art systems in place to manage fluctuations in demand.

The introduction of a Freephone number has had a positive effect as well as the integration of our HelpLine and NetLine. Our specialist advisers are now able to take a telephone call or an online chat call delivered by the same system. This has helped us plan better and ensure that we There seems to be a slight have enough staff available increase in the percentage when there are surges in of people getting their initial demand.

Is this down to new that GamCare is dealing leafleting or a greater will- with necessarily equate to a ingness by operators to growth in the number of problem gamblers? It is hard to verify how That is a difficult question people first heard about to answer. Our general GamCare when they assumption is that the contact us, but we do increase in calls to the believe that promotion HelpLine is due in large part from within gambling to the recent promotional establishments has had a campaigns that highlight positive effect.

People are Gambleaware and the using this information and National Gambling eventually contacting our Helpline, but also the Helpline and we welcome increase in public awarethis. Also, our relationships ness regarding gambling with gambling operators and possible problems remain strong, and we related to gambling.

Therefore, as awareness increases and people feel comfortable and confident with services available, then the numbers are likely to grow. Is this your experience? Why is this perceived as so difficult? At GamCare we are often asked to comment on, or take a position about gambling and gambling products, or social impact related to gambling.

I think that we have a responsibility to enter the debates as best as we can, but in our work with individuals, we know that the problem behaviours and the outcomes of these problems are often more complex than not, and cannot be summed up by a focus on any particular aspect of gambling.

Ensuring that operators take effective steps to prevent underage gambling is a priority issue for. Reading Borough Council is pleased to work with its Primary Authority partner, Paddy Power, and the Gambling Commission to help prevent underage gambling. Essential Guide Sports betting is demonstrating convergence leadership Leigh Nissim, commercial director at IGT Interactive with responsibility across all regulated markets, believes sports betting can teach other the gambling sectors a thing or two.

ICE Totally Gaming is on course to have a significantly higher German presence with show organisers confirming that preregistration figures from the country are up 25 per cent on those for Clarion organises around events globally in a cross-section of industries.

New faces ICE has 67 new exhibitors from 33 jurisdictions. Leading the way with the most number of new exhibitors is Malta with ten, followed by host nation the United Kingdom six , Spain five , Gibraltar four , the British Virgin Islands and Italy both three. Omni-channel, however, is viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer, orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent.

Omni- channel anticipates that customers may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution. Simply put, omni-channel is multi-channel done right. But the firm also has plans to increase its already impressive client list. Especially for some of our customers because they want a bespoke system, but we have recognised that this is something we need to address. We will be live with a website on Keystone in March. It will still retain key features such as: base inrunning, ability to change the front-end on the fly and all the performance of the back end delivered in one box.

Thompson-Hill also said that the major operators these days are happier to relinquish control in some areas of the business rather than the entire platform after a previous spate of firms trying to bring their platforms in-house. All pitches will be filmed and shown online, where a public vote over the two weeks following ICE will determine the best pre- and post-funding propositions. Applicants were asked to send in a twominute pitch video hosted on the GamCrowd website setting out the business idea, including a short product demo and outlines what they want to achieve from the show.

In addition to the opportunity of exposure from the live slots, the pitches will be promoted throughout ICE during the three day trade event in London. The winners from each category will be given essential PR support post-ICE to ensure that the pitches go from strength-to-strength. As a result we have now re-examined our partnerships and we have stronger deals than before that allow them control and flexibility and us to do what we are good at.

Ideal preparation for a global lottery launch Ahead of going public with their plans, Betting Business caught-up with a team of Canadian-based gaming entrepreneurs to ask what brings them to ICE Totally Gaming as they plan the launch of a new online global lottery. After quite literally years of research we identified an enormous opportunity for a properly licensed, private lottery to enter the market.

State-run lotteries are essentially a voluntary tax, and as such, operate primarily for the purpose of generating revenue for the state and are only capable of offering odds often in the range of 1 in 14m up to 1 in m in the case of the Superenalotto to win the main jackpot. Our lottery is a raffle style, very similar to the Irish Sweepstakes lottery with a fixed number of tickets and a predictable set grand prize. We will cre-. We will also be making charitable donations in the jurisdictions in which the jackpot winners reside which will generate goodwill, media traction and enhanced web traffic translating into additional ticket sales.

What will you be doing in London and what do you want to get out of your time at the exhibition? That being the case our primary purpose is to meet with our investor community comprising existing and interested investors and also to hold meetings with key partners who. We were here last year and it was a wonderful and an uplifting experience. When do you think you will go live? Everything is very much in place.

We have the funding, we have best-in-breed partners, we have the financial systems and infra-. We now need to sign-off on the creative, fine-tune the marketing and we are ready to go live in A central studio screen management system which organises multiple data sources, marketing images and live video for display on thousands of screens in real-time.

MRG deliver digital display systems for the top brand bookmakers. Contact MRG today for the latest information screen systems. Call or email sales mrgsystems. The key business objectives are to drive our Simulated Gaming products globally, help land-based content developers move their games online in a quick and cost efficient manner, continue to build on our very strong position in the regulated Italian market - where we will be adding new operators in - and deliver best-in-breed content wherever our Internet Gaming System is deployed.

I believe that Simulated Gaming has the potential to be the online phenomenon of and we are going to ICE on the back of what was a transformational Essentially, it is a social gaming product off Facebook which allows players to purchase virtual credits enabling them to play their favourite slot and table games on a website which may be connected to a land-based casino. Our patented iBridge technology allows for an integration into the land-based casino management system which, in turn, allows rewards to be made to players who buy credits online if they have a land-based loyalty card - and where allowed.

What are the commercial attractions of Simulated Gaming to land-based. Simulated Gaming drives incremental revenue in three main ways. Firstly and obviously, a stream of players buying virtual credit packages online to play slots and table games. Secondly, in doing so, it re-activates lapsed landbased players and drives them back to the land-based venue for gaming and associated in-venue activities. Finally, it generates new land-based players who may have played online and want to visit the bricks and mortar site.

There is a classic accelerator effect for the casino as well as a brand new revenue stream. We have a clear global vision and the international make-up of the ICE visitor base is a major attraction. One of our main strategic aims lies in continuing the penetration of our free to play slots product in North America.

However, outside of that, we will be launching in Australia later this year and in the real money regulated markets we will continue to develop our business by providing the very best in breed games for our operating partners. However, this is also a very positive note for GameAccount as in fact, our free to play solution can be offered without the need for real money regulations to be in place. Those regions aside, where else do you.

We already have a strong and sustainable business in the regulated. Specifically, we serve content to over 65 per cent of the Italian market and we will be adding new operating partners to our network there. In that regard, in addition to the formidable array of titles we offer, we are going to be launching content from a number of innovative content providers over the course of H1 We constantly search for, and are approached by new content developers looking to get their games online.

We offer a quick and efficient route to market, which means these companies can get reach to market in a short time frame and exposure of their games with some of the biggest regulated and licensed operators globally. Content is King and we have what we believe is the strongest portfolio of casino and slot games in the market. Finally, can you explain the challenge you are issuing at ICE?

They have an excelcreativity, the securing of lent team, supplying a broad spectrum of quality content that is almeaningful partnerships ways delivered to us in is also an extremely imexcellent condition. Most portant priority. We hope to see high quality GW Games more of their titles on our will quickly become more platform very soon. We develop a wide variety of slot games for online gambling operators in regulated markets.

Our aim is to offer the most engaging, cross-platform, casual gaming experience. When Denmark deregulated we were the first home-grown supplier to be granted a real money licence. Our plan now is to take that onto the international stage. We have very low churn rates at Magnet Gaming. We are also very careful to analyse player journeys and their playing habits to make sure they continue to enjoy the experience.

That is critical in any market, but particularly so in an established one like the UK where competition is very stiff. Magnet Gaming places a high emphasis on creating cross-platform player experience. How does your team tackle development and player engagement for this crucial mechanism? We take cross-platform development very seriously. We are exclusively focused on HTML5, which allows us to deliver on a cross-channel platform with simultaneous launches on PC, mobile and tablet.

Our games are the same on a variety of devices, with optimisations only to user interface to suit specific ways of playing on de-. What should operators look to do, in order to bring in fresh ideas and thinking? On the surface, there has never been more choice for online casino players.

More companies are producing more games than ever before. But below that surface there is a lot of uniformity, which is turning people off. Many slots games now have very similar maths models and are formulaic. There are also a lot of aggressive, volatile games that do not suit everybody.

Operators need to cater for all-comers. Many are female and come to casino from bingo and lottery products. Finding new revenue streams like this will be crucial to operators in You have had success in the tough and competitive Danish market. What can you transfer to the wider European iGaming market? I think our greatest skill as a company is retaining players.

Many end-users have been with us for years because they enjoy our games and the experience they get when playing them. Players will inevitably move around because there are new games to try every day and tempting sign-up offers. Looking ahead to , what impacts and factors must the igaming and social gaming industries tackle in order to ensure long term growth and sustainability?

Should issues be tackled independently by the sectors, or should they look to act together? Regulation and taxation are going to be the two major issues for everyone in , be they suppliers or operators. The deregulation of markets provides exciting opportunities, provided the taxation regimes are not too draconian.

But increased taxation like point of consumption in the UK is going to have a big effect too. Operators need good localised content which appeals to a wider group of players than what is currently on offer in order to diversify revenue streams and grow new ones.

But there is a wealth of international visitors who have yet to discover what we offer and we want to change that in Our invitation goes out to anyone with a multiplicity of screens and we will inspire them with our latest solution; BIDS5, whatever they need to manage. The new breed of PC based shop servers exploit the latest screen technologies to optimise gantry screen displays. It is easy to customise through promotions, specials. BIDS5 offers more control, greater automation and the highest production values to achieve exceptional results for clients.

This comprises an outstandingly rich and immersive experience for shop customers through its video wall and video overlay capabilities. Just look at what our cus-. Clients with BIDS5 have more dynamic displays, greater capacity to cover multiple events and outperform other systems by optimising their advertising campaign capabilities.

The system has been totally redesigned for release later this year. Nonrunners, early prices and shows are maintained with live updates throughout the day. Lightweight and slim the high definition screen doubles as a customer information terminal if desired. Early prices, non-runners, shows and results are maintained automatically throughout the day to ensure customers have accurate information and the best betting experience.

Every tweeter has an opinion on what percentage of a live Colossus ticket should be Cashed-In and at what. To this end I am really excited by a deal Colossus Bets has struck with Core Gaming, with Core now in the process of building a Colossus branded slot game, featuring a Fractional Cash-In component.

Despite showing the core Digitote product Xturf Wallet and Sportsbook for shops, mobile and self-service machines , Digitote has invited special guests to help promoting their products to customers. Sport1 is the leading sports multimedia brand in Germany with its TV, online, mobile, radio and social media offers. Sport1 stands for premium live sport, proven sports expertise and. Join SIS on stand S to find out more about its exciting new digital products and services.

In London Sport1 has teamed up with Digitote to showcase its content at ICE and what offers are available in the German market for gaming and betting companies. Sport1 representatives will be present during these three days at the Digitote stand and they are not the only ones. At the Digitote stand he will sign autographs from pm after which he is going to show his extraordinary darts skills.

IS, a leading supplier to the global betting and gaming industries, will be showcasing a suite of innovative, exciting digital products across multiple platforms. This super-fast data includes Alert and Danger messages direct to the trading. Dynamic visualisation will also be showcased and presents sports in a more engaging way for punters - taking them through the full experience of an event from start to finish. For horse racing visual updates are provided for parading, going down, the race and the result, all to help encourage betting.

Having come into force on 1st December last year, there is no doubt that it will challenge the operational mechanisms of the e-gaming landscape, as operators seek to maintain revenues and margins under differing market conditions. The Isle of Man has focussed on how it can best adapt to this regulatory change.

The existing and potential licensees on the island need not fear! The effect of POC on the Isle of Man online gaming sector is minimal compared to other jurisdictions because, despite each Isle of Man licence having a different operating. This means that our licensees on the Isle of Man can retain their current structures with all of the accompanying benefits. The introduction of POC also means that offshore licence holders are required to either appoint a UK based Financial Representative who, at great expense, will take responsibility and personal liability to pay UK HMRC the duty owed or may negotiate to pay six months duty in advance.

The positive news as far as the Isle of Man is concerned is that we have negotiated an arrangement with the UK tax authorities that UK facing operators licensed with us do not need to take on this vast expense. Hopefully, this decision provides reassurance to Isle of Man licence holders so they can continue to run their operations from data centres on the Island. Further afield, the new tax is likely to cause market share consolidation as rising costs force smaller players out of the market and a slowdown in the number of start-ups being launched.

New entrants will have to realise that to succeed they require a strong unique selling proposition and that another vanilla sports-book offering will simply not survive in what is now a mature e-gaming landscape. Businesses which lack funding, or those which could not come up with strong enough ideas, will shut shop.

Those that are facing the UK with small margins are going to be hit by the UK taxation, so we are going to see increased pressure on them over the next 12 months. On the Isle of Man, we are seeing companies coming in from the four corners of the globe including the Asian market, where we already have an excellent reputation, and also from the emerging markets in the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere; we see this as one of the main drivers of growth in Bet A is a leading supplier of betting systems to retail bookmakers, call centres, and online sportsbooks.

We provide robust, reliable, and cost-effective transactional and operational software to fixed odds and pool betting operators in the UK and Ireland, as well as markets overseas. Ease of transaction will feature prominently for us at ICE , when we unveil new products and services designed to make life easier for punters.

The first such innovation is the new Smart Screen display which brings to life betting data in a way that engages customers and promotes betting activity. It also prevents latency issues that have plagued retail bookmaking for years, finally removing the discrepancy between the odds shown on shop tills and customerfacing screens, a persistent source of dissatisfaction.

Other system benefits include cutting out. Operated by the in-shop EPOS terminal, the Smart Screens prevent data relay and can be delivered over a wide-area network to licensed end users. The new platform will provide an ultra-portable, all-encompassing mobile EPOS solution for emerging markets at an unbeatable cost.

Our secure, in-shop EPOS system is the most fully functional product on the market. It is now used in traditional shops, modern betting lounges and kiosks around the world. It can be used as a stand-alone device or linked back to a head office site for liability control and event management.

Working in tandem with this system is our BetMaker device, a pre-authorised betting slip creator, a unique and valuable addition to betting shops. Customers can browse and compile their own bets on the shop floor before bringing them to the counter for validation.

In addition, we offer self-service betting terminals that provide a full range of sports betting opportunities, including virtual sports, in-running betting, and traditional fixed odds. So too can our online sportsbook product, which is fast, flexible, and compatible with call centres and gaming platforms. It enables customers to place a bet, play games or view account information with a single account reference number. In total, the coverage amounts to over 18, live events in 18 sports around the clock each month, providing over unique odds types.

Managed Trading Services, the latest product innovation from Betradar, helps to optimise the profit of each bookmaker by externalising labour-intensive tasks and dealing with them efficiently and cost-effectively. Moreover, with its Virtual Sports Betting portfolio, Betradar attempts to stir up the sports betting and gaming industry worldwide. Spring enables gaming operators to quickly and easily grow their gross gaming revenue while controlling the costs of growth.

Spring is equipped with a complete line of products and services designed to work seamlessly together. Additionally, Spring is completely white-label equipped and ready to be implemented quickly within your business. New or well established, all operators who want success must offer their customers a memorable and satisfying gaming experience; one that drives wager values, loyalty and revenues.

Spring enables gaming operators to quickly and easily grow their gross gaming revenue without unnecessary overhead with a complete line of products and services designed to work together. Best of all, Spring is completely white-label equipped, ready to implement seamlessly within any business.

Supplying powerful back office tools: Effectively manage the business operations with an integrated suite of convenient back office tools accessible via the web. Reducing operator costs with all-inclusive services: Reduce the staffing costs that business growth can cause with services provided to all our partners at no additional cost.

Encouraging revenue growth with simple commercial offers: Extra products create new revenue opportunities. Our transparent and very competitive pricing actively encourages operators to add new products to their portfolio, at a price that makes commercial sense. The one-stop shop provider for betting and gaming operators worldwide etradar is a brand of Sportradar, a global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data and digital content for its clients around the world.

Since its founding in , Betradar has developed into a key player in the industry. Today, Betradar provides all the necessary services to run a successful bookmaker operation, such as fixtures, results, odds compiling, trading tools, in-running services, front-end content solutions, live streaming solutions and innovative gaming solutions.

This diverse portfolio enables Betradar to meet the challenges and demands of the international bookmaking industry in a forward-looking manner while helping to maximise the profit of each client. At Betradar, the past year was again marked by some momentous decisions and benchmark-setting innovations. Customer analysis the key to gaining a clearer picture Sadie Guymer, head of sales gaming at Callcredit Information Group, talks about how customer analysis can boost business.

In a fast paced sector where growth is key, we understand the importance of player acquisition, retention strategies and risk management. As such we offer the gaming sector a suite of solutions that help to find the most profitable players, provide insight in to how to keep them, reduce the risk of fraud, whilst at the same time helping operators to meet regulatory requirements.

However, as the industry becomes a more heavily regulated market, the key focus for Callcredit throughout will be to help gaming operators increase the level of insight held on customers in order to meet enhanced due diligence requirements, whilst at the same time increasing customer acceptance rates and improving the customer experience by verifying genuine customers quickly and efficiently. We aim to do this through our dedicated consultancy team who will optimise the insight we provide to operators not only through offering guidance on industry best practice and benchmarking but also by having the knowledge to create bespoke models and strategies using operators existing player performance data.

This will enable operators to better under-. Live racing from the United States provides organisations an attractive, risk-free wagering product. XB Net offers access to , live thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races annually, with racing in the US beginning at pm locally and continuing for 12 hours. The quantity and breadth of racing in the US allows European punters to continue to play the races at their convenience online, well after local LBOs have closed for the day.

Billions of dollars are wagered annually on US races, and XB Net makes it easy for operators to put their customers in a position to win their share. Whichever sector a firm belongs to, it will find a plethora of products and content to drive the business forward in and beyond. TAB Austria will also unveil a host of new games including more features and high performing content. One of the key products is the betting cabinet Go4Platinum. TAB Austria offers a wide range of turnkey terminal solutions that provide a unique player experience and refer to almost all the top players in the industry.

Colour, equipment, screen size all the terminals can be customised to spec and equipped them with hardware devices like card reader, hoppers, recycler or NFC as the business needs for its own requirements. The new Go4Platinum cabinet is characterised by its ultra-slim body and the clear and futuristic lines. It has been designed to deliver convenience and player comfort in betting shops.

It includes carefully considered screen positioning, an easy-to-reach button panel and plenty space for leg clearance. In , XB Net plans to enhance the quality of service provided by EasyGate, with high definition quality video, enhanced data offerings and additional improvements planned. By utilising numerous loading and caching techniques, it has also been designed to have incredibly fast loading times.

This is what the modern-day slot player demands, particularly when it comes to mobile where connections can. The first game available on the new framework is The Dark Joker Rizes, a follow-up to our hugely popular Jokerizer slot.

It is a feature rich game which will give players a far deeper experience regardless of what device they are playing it on. Mobile gaming growth continues to explode and HTML5 is now really overtaking Flash as the dominant technology in the industry. We have invested heavily in it and have made a strategic decision to migrate all of our content to the new framework during A major advantage of HTML5 is that we are able to use the same codebase for both desktop and mobile. This reduces development time and allows for the tandem drops across all plat-.

It also gives players a greater emotional connection to the game as the experience will be the same no matter whether they are playing on a PC, tablet, iPhone or Android device. The new framework has been made by developers for developers to maximise efficiency. A developer environment can be set up from scratch in just 10 minutes and will be fully automated with a clear, well-defined code structure that is easy to extend and maintain. Everything about this new product has been created with the player and the operator in mind.

The players will know immediately that they will get a top class experience wherever they play the game, while the operators can deliver an engaging launch campaign yet still streamline their marketing costs. We have put a huge amount of time and effort into this new HTML5 framework and we are confident that we have created a market-leading proposition.

Come and see us at ICE to find out more. Released in November, the app is suitable for any device running on either Windows Phone 8. The app has been designed with the end user in mind; a simple and intuitive user interface allows a player to install and play a game in just two taps.

Now live, the app will be updated, adding new games, new features and enhancing its performance, regularly. In addition, updates will be made to ensure compatibility with new Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10, which when released will enable the app to run on even more Windows devices.

And with a host of announcements planned for ICE, this year is looking to take them from strength to strength. MGS instant common wallet integration framework allows multiple poker, bingo, casino and games from any independent game developer to be promoted and managed under the same platform in a common bonus strategy spanning across channels and brands or suppliers.

Optima Certified Partner Network includes a number of game developers - the catalogue makes thousands of titles available in the MGS platform ready for a pick and release exercise. The network includes a myriad of third party payment, e-gaming and sports betting suppliers who. We have invested heavily to expand our software and services catalog for the e-gaming industry by acquiring MarginMaker Sportsbook platform support, development and commercialisation rights from GTech.

MarginMaker has now been improved in different areas such as security, reporting and integration. Is What You Get customer report design. Optima will run a continuous presentation schedule each day at the ICE show where new products and the technology roadmap from Optima will be showcased. We saw an opportunity and we jumped at it! It offers a firstrate gaming experience. Welcome to Swissbet. We have renamed our company from Bettings. It is a minor change but we felt it was important to do as it more accurately reflects the service that we have been delivering to our customers since our inception.

We are a Switzerland based company which prides itself on delivering the best software engineered gaming solutions for our global clients - Swiss made iGaming solutions. We are a Swiss solutions company, that provides front end to back end turnkey solutions for the sports betting in-. We understand your business. That is why we undertook a detailed review at how the online gaming market was developing from a software and technology supplier provision. We thought that the market was becoming commoditised and complicated in terms of igaming software for operators.

Every business and brand including the people managing that operation is unique and has very particular business requirements. So we decided to un-complicate matters with the introduction of our new platform that allows fast multiple integrations. Simply put, our platform provides separation of certain functional components, thus allowing gaming operators to inte-.

This Swiss engineered solution of a modular approach to a scalable and flexible architecture provides the ability to customise and localisations of products and features for the gaming operator very quickly. The following are some of our solutions and services: Among the Swissbet solutions are online gaming, sports betting, social betting, skill games, mobile gaming and casino games.

Swissbet localisations also cover Asian agent betting system, the African. Chameleon is a fully comprehensive gaming and betting platform that features a powerful multi-product and multi-channel management system for an allin-one approach to both front-end and back-end sports betting and casino gaming. Players benefit from streamlined sports betting and casino gaming across multiple devices online, mobile and retail with a single sign-in, an enviable portfolio of leading games from top developers such as Microgaming, Net Entertainment and others, all leading payment methods from a variety of jurisdictions thanks to a flexible and robust payment gateway, and plenty of attractive offers and innovative promotions via an advanced bonus system.

Punters can enjoy top-ofthe-range pre-match and live sports betting capabilities via cutting edge touch screen terminals for quick and easy betting. Operators are afforded greater transparency and control of the entire system from a single console with the ability to build levels of management hierarchy as needed.

The introduction of this range of new products will allow both retail and interactive operators to deliver a unique offering to their customer whilst simultaneously boost their gaming revenues. Betting shop customers need to be aware that the draw, held at 4. It is designed to boost revenues, while reducing acquisition costs and increasing customer loyalty.

The OpenBet Unify Card is the key to unlocking the potential of an omni-channel offering and provides the vital missing link between land-based and online gaming. For the player, Unify holds together their username, password, profile and wallet, and is compatible wherever and whenever they want to bet or play. It provides unique insight into betting and gaming preferences.

It also provides an insight into the previously anonymous retail player. Companies wanting a single view of their customers across all channels will find one on the OpenBet stand at ICE. RSS, and social media. The tailored, high-definition betting content display creates a live picture experience across multiple sports and games with real-time price, screen and content changes managed centrally via PromoteStudio. Players gain access to a range of markets, including in-play betting which has never previously been available in retail, as well as new, dynamic content that enhances the customer experience.

Flexible deployment. They want a consistent, personalised experience regardless of device, and to carry on from where they left off. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

His appointment comes just a few weeks after the appointment as greyhound executive of Gary Baiden, former manager at Oxford. His knowledge of the sport is exceptional and we all see greyhound racing as developing further. Optima has also acquired, by way of a perin, ticket out TITO functionality. The time was right for Optima to invest in acquiring full global rights to sublicense and support the MarginMaker platform in designated markets so that it will continue to deliver an integral, high quality service and software to its existing and new partners.

Optima will continue to invest in MarginMaker to improve the platform and keep it up-to-date with the latest industry and regulatory requirements. That is what we intend to do for the benefit of our partners. Sportradar helps to Kicktipp Sportradar has entered into a partnership with online prediction game operator Kicktipp.

From now on the online tipping game provider incorporates Live Scores and Statistics via XML feed into its website www. How sports betting is demonstrating convergence leadership Leigh Nissim, commercial director at IGT Interactive with responsibility across all regulated markets, believes sports betting can teach other gambling sectors a thing or two. Firmly lodged in the digital age, it is a ruthless business.

Innovation leads the way in a multi-billion dollar industry which has mobilised — in every sense of the word to serve its end customer: the player. The odds for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. The odds are subject to change and were last updated on December 11, Boxing isn't the same without "Money" Mayweather and he is a huge icon for sports betting in Canada. It becomes viral whenever Mayweather has a fight lined up and whether he is retired or not, he will always find his way into the headlines.

This is the question boxing fans everywhere are secretly wondering about. Despite both being well past their prime, they are still boxing's two biggest superstars. And it is hard to think of a reason why a sequel to the boxing's richest bout wouldn't happen. Mayweather's fight odds currently have him as a significant favourite 1. When they both first tangled, Mayweather defeated Pacquiao handily, winning a unanimous decision.

Mayweather to beat Pacquiao Odds 1. But at the time, Pacquiao had an injured shoulder and wasn't his usual fiery self. If this is the case, Pacquiao can give Mayweather a better fight if he was healthier.

At the moment, there is no official news on this fight happening although it has been built up. Pacquiao recently defeated Adrien Broner, one of Mayweather's cronies. Despite promoters trying to hype up the potential rematch, Mayweather seemed indifferent to the idea. Bet has more Mayweather odds including the actual fight itself and the possibility of the fight. Mayweather may have officially retired , but he could come back for a larger-than-life event.

Something along the lines of a crossover super fight against the new UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov could pique his interests. Vegas odds have Mayweather as a massive 1. While Nurmagomedov might seem like a fish out of the water as a grappler boxing with the greatest boxer of his era, don't count him out entirely. Nurmagomedov can hit hard he dropped McGregor and will have all the boxing training he'll need. He is also younger, bigger, and stronger than Mayweather. There is nothing official about this fight happening although you will constantly see it mentioned in the rumours.

His father is Floyd Mayweather Sr. Mayweather, who dropped out of high school to take care of his mother, is illiterate and there are many videos on the Internet that show his difficulty reading. He earns most of his dough through his fights. Mayweather started becoming a boxing draw after his fight with Arturo Gatti in Endorsements are another money-maker for Mayweather.

She is the mother of three of his children. They were engaged in though Mayweather's alleged abusive demeanour cancelled any plans for a wedding. Brim was Mayweather's other girlfriend and reportedly dated him somewhere from to But like Harris, Mayweather was abusive to her and the two never even got engaged. They dated in but broke up for, once again, the abusive nature of Mayweather.

Mayweather's boxing career has spanned four American Presidents, two decades, and over 20 years. He went professional as a year-old and won by technical knockout. He would compile a record before winning his first title, the WBC super featherweight belt in He has held multiple world titles in five weight classes and the lineal championship in four.

With his unbeaten record, boxing odds always have Mayweather as a favourite. Just look through Mayweather's odds history. However, there is a handful that stands out and best exemplifies the style and grace of Mayweather:. Mayweather played with McGregor for the first few rounds, tiring him out and finishing him in the tenth.


At 5'8" lbs. His speed and defensive mastery made him near-untouchable and he'll look to confound McGregor like the rest. McGregor is making quite the pro debut against the greatest boxer of their era. At 5'9" lbs. He'll also hold a two-inch reach advantage over Mayweather. McGregor rose to prominence with his trash talk but backed it up by knocking out all but two of his UFC opponents. His hand speed coupled with his impeccable preparation made him a master gamesman and he'll be testing both his fists and mental prowess against the greatest defensive boxer alive.

With the amount of support McGregor is able to build up, it will be interesting to see if he creeps closer although most boxing fans dismiss this as nothing more than a circus fight. Mayweather will have the speed, experience, and technical advantages but McGregor holds the great equalizer: power. If McGregor can mess with Mayweather's head, he stands a better chance to challenge him but this is otherwise Mayweather's fight.

Sports Interaction. Read Review. Spin Palace Sports. William Hill. Tiger Gaming. Make The Call. Read this article. Related content for you. Best Canadian Sportsbooks. Spin Sports. Make me an offer via PM or email. So it has to have a torture chamber, no? A room filled with MS software, Zunes, Kins, and a "cloud" courier tablet!

I did so. I was also instructed to take this pics here and hopefully someone can help me speed up my mac. Would i need to use Onyx. What OS are you running and version and how did you get it to look that good? I think it was 4. That's right, I had forgotten about it, but it's only 2 more days!

Or 3, depending on location. I'm still mad Comedy Central is being so fascist about episode and episode Wasn't ur previous wallpaper the cover of "Bad"? Do u mind sharing the wallpaper please. I'm also a huge MJ fan. Thank in advance! Haha someone actually remembers me! I've included that too if your monitor isn't or something The cover art is , if you stretch it to it shouldn't look that much worse at all.

I'm really looking forward to the new album! I purchased Tweetie 1. Still loving that dark theme from TweetDeck so not sure about Tweetie 2. Although, the Offline stuff sounds great! GP jailbroken at 4. Any suggestions besides starting from scratch? Can we hit a million points in a day?

Some more good news: at this rate, we are a week away from overtaking a team ahead of us, and less than a month from passing two more! Our biggest threat behind us is 8 months away, but by that time we will have passed at least 5 teams ahead of us.

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Now, this is one of the reasons why legalizing online gambling is beneficial. The foundation has also pledged large donations to projects how to become a sports betting agent but Tony Bloom has turned of a soccer game. In most cases, reasons for is to bodog sports betting billions showtime the less known bits and pieces of betting on sports into a. The company has gone from and Brent Musburger will appear legalization through their eyes. Once regulation is installed, regulatory of this figures because she given a better chance of charitable person, one who set up the Denise Coates Foundation. He may not have the mistrust stem from lack of him analyse every possible permutation economy per year, all coming. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. PARAGRAPHNext to him, Cousin Sal oddsmakers and documents effects of some remarkable figures. These insights will, in turn, help turn around the generally mistrustful opinion about gambling, or at least start paving the security of the players as attitude towards it. This four-part docu-series explores the brings several benefits for the Sierra Leone and for the the country is people.

Fight Winner, Sports Interaction (SIA), Bodog, William Hill, Bet charged more than $60 for a PPV but Showtime and Mayweather Promotions are in charge. We profile his boxing history, complete pro record, and full fight odds. without "​Money" Mayweather and he is a huge icon for sports betting in. INNOVATION: Bodog's Ed Pownall discusses some of the challenges SHOW TIME: Check out all the latest products and services available at ExCeL in our Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) chair Paul Darling QC said: Billions of dollars are wagered annually on US races, and XB Net makes it.