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When you choose a side against the spread and wager 11 to win 10, the book is essentially making a bet of 10 to win 11 on the other side. You can see how that would be a profitable model over time. The exception being more money coming in on a particular side from a few big bettors opposed to more tickets from the public in general.

Sports betting tips basketball is forex trading better than binary options

Sports betting tips basketball

And if, as most people would predict, the Warriors were to beat the 76ers, Bovada would take a major drubbing. They figure a hot team is likely to maintain its momentum and cover the spread. As the streak lengthens, more action pours into the side favoring the team enjoying the streak. Oddsmakers respond by adjusting the lines and point spreads. That makes it more difficult to bet against the spread on the favored team. These teams are avoided by most bettors, which means oddsmakers may give you an extra point or two in an attempt to balance the action.

While matchups, both in terms of teams and positions, are important to take into account, trends are all but irrelevant in basketball. You want to be aware of its performance throughout the season. But trends in basketball betting refer to something completely different.

Trends point to whether a team has managed to cover its spread in the last three games. They merely give you general insight into what other bettors many of them misinformed or uninformed are doing with their bets. Oddsmakers are adept at setting lines.

They use mountains of data and vetted predictive models to accurately forecast outcomes. It requires deep analysis and relatively good math skills. The takeaway: making smart basketball bets involves keeping your eyes open for hidden, unexploited value. Sometimes, you can find such value by noting big line movements. The only thing you care about is the total number of points scored by the two teams.

Handicap the totals using the factors above. But much of the action is uninformed or misinformed. You can do better. Use the 10 tips highlighted above to give yourself an advantage at these and other top online sportsbooks. Updated for ! How to Bet on Virtual Sports in Top Recommended Sites - While looking for things to wager on in the end of and moving into , due to a Top 7 Bitcoin Wallets For Sportsbook Gambling - Edition - With the hype train not derailing anytime soon for bitcoin, you're probably pretty Such movements reveal opportunity.

Follow the smart action. Spreads exist, in part, to prevent that from happening. Ignore The Betting Trends While matchups, both in terms of teams and positions, are important to take into account, trends are all but irrelevant in basketball. They make mistakes. Posted in Tutorials.

About Us. Welcome to GoodSportsbooks. GoodSportsbooks was created and maintained by online gambling veterans with over a decade of direct industry experience. We have helped thousands of bettors find where to bet online safely and securely. Our aim is to help you navigate the ever changing world of online betting. To do this we create and maintain a small top list of best online sportsbooks by category that we update at the beginning of each month.

We rate and review the betting sites based on the bonuses, deposit options, withdrawal speeds, betting interface, reputation and regulation. Sports Betting may be unlawful in your location. Please check all local, state and federal laws in your jurisdiction before using any of the information contained on this page. This information is for entertainment only and there is no online wagering of any kind possible at this website.

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Add your review for Golden Star Casino. Find the most reliable basketball betting tips and the best basketball odds offered right here! Basketball is played around the entire globe, slowly rising as one of the most popular sports in the world, second only to football. Today, professional basketball is not only played across North America and Europe; other markets and regions have also joined in and increased the commercial interest in basketball Major and minor professional leagues are popping up everywhere and with South America, Asia, and Africa leading the way.

And, where there is a success in sports, there is also an opportunity for sports betting. Betting on basketball is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Making successful basketball predictions allows you to place potentially lucrative bets, especially with the help of our tipsters , equipped to locate the best basketball tips for all the major leagues played around the world.

On our site you can find basketball betting tips on all major leagues:. All tips are individually rated on a scale from 0 to 10 to make it easier for users to find the winners they need to improve their betting profits. A total of 82 games will determine the faith of each team with regards to reaching the playoffs.

After the top teams of East and West are determined, the real fun starts. NBA playoff is probably the most exciting time of the year. Odds shift constantly after each second of the play, and the winners are often determined in the last seconds of the game.

The predictions are sometimes hard to make but can be very rewarding if you know what you are doing. The Summer League is where the teams prepare their final rosters for the long and hard season ahead. Find out what are the latest NBA Summer League predictions by checking them on our site and placing your bet today.

Making European basketball predictions is a lot of fun as each year many upsets happen, resulting in fluctuating odds. Try guessing which four teams will reach the final four and predict the next EuroLeague champion with the help of the latest European basketball betting tips.

Another interesting and popular way to bet on basketball is the NCAA tournament. The NCAA tournament draws a large crowd each year and fans from all over the country gather to support their favourite college. The biggest event of the year is called March Madness, which is the final part of the tournament where the winner is determined.

Choose between some of the best colleges in the country, like Duke, Kentucky, or Texas Tech, and predict which team will become the next NCAA champion. Players with sports betting experience will find basketball betting rules easy to grasp, as they do not digress from the conventional team-sports markets. The objective is clear — pick a certain outcome and find a bookie with the best odds. Find out which are the best basketball bookmakers and get free basketball predictions on all the major basketball leagues from around the world.

Apart from the common outright bet, the point spread is the most popular type of basketball betting, as it requires a more in-depth knowledge of the sports. In other words, it is easier to simply determine the winner that to accurately guess if the number of points will hit the mark.

This is illustrated with the following example:. The Celtics team is the favourite while the Magic is the underdog. The bookies are making Boston Celtics a point favourite for this game, so if you want to put your money on the Celtics, they have to win by 11 or more points for your bet to be correct. If the Celtics win the game, but they do it with a margin of 9 or fewer points, you lose your bet.

On the other hand, if you bet on the Magic to win and they do win the game with the odds stacked against them, you still win the amount based on the odds calculated for them. But if you bet on the Magic and they lose the game by 9 or fewer points, you are still the winner. This is essentially what covering the spread means!

Bookmakers calculate the odds of a team winning based on their form and rankings and we can give you the best NBA betting tips and basketball predictions around the clock! Basketball betting tips and predictions are easy to place if you are a fan of basketball.

But even if you are not familiar with the rules of the sport, you can easily bet on the NBA, the EuroLeague or any other international basketball competition. The main idea is that if you want to gain profit, you have to make a correct prediction who the winner will be.

There are many ways to bet on basketball and various basketball markets are offered by the bookmakers presented on our site. Some of the more popular ways of betting on basketball are spread point betting, totals, and money line wagers, parlays and teasers being the more advanced way of making complex basketball predictions.

The point spread betting is the easiest ways to bet on basketball and essentially means picking the winner of the game but with a point handicap. The favourite is given a certain margin of points that they have to reach.

This is the most popular basketball betting market and most bettors use this form as their main one. Totals are the second most played basketball market when it comes to guessing basketball match results. For each game, you are given a total number of points that both teams will score combined. Your role is to guess if the total amount of points will go over or under the threshold. For example, if the Celtics are playing the Magic and the number to beat is points, you can make a prediction that the teams are going to score more than that over or stay under the specified mark.

Basketball predictions under over play an important role off all betting tips published on ProTipster. Moneyline wagers are another popular form of betting on basketball. Many tipsters offer their own predictions and you can find many useful basketball tips on our page. Moneyline wagers involve placing a bet on the winner of the game, but without the spread handicap. The difference with parlays and teasers as opposed to other more traditional forms of basketball betting is that in this case, you have to correctly predict the outcome of two or more games.

Parlay betting involves giving the bettors the opportunity to bet against the point spread, by using the moneyline. On the other hand, teasers are made by using the point spread and players have the opportunity to adjust the point spread in their favour. In order to win, you have to guess all the games correctly. If you have placed your bet on a total of six games, getting one out of six wrong means that you lose your stake. Additional types of basketball markets include betting on the segments of the game.

This means that you can place your bet on the spread of any quarter or half and also bet on the totals within the period. Outright bets are also possible when it comes to basketball betting. These types of predictions include guessing the winner of a certain tournament or competition. Alternatively, you can concentrate on European basketball and bet on the winner of the EuroLeague. Make sure to place your bets before the competition starts, as odds tend to drop after every game played.

Finally, there are over and under bets that you can make on the number of points scored by an individual player. For instance, you can make a wager whether or not Paul George will score more than 25 points. All data is fed back to the tipster so they can see which sports, tournaments and even betting markets they perform best in, and use these trends to adjust their own betting strategy. The more tips a tipster posts, the more data that is collected and the more accurate insights into their betting trends and biases will be.

All basketball predictions posted on ProTipster are individually rated on a scale of 0 to 10, with tennis tips rated at 10 the most likely to win. Posting your own basketball betting tips give you advantages. Below you will find just a few of them:. Moreover, by posting your own basketball predictions on ProTipsters you could earn some real money and free bets.

Just sign up your ProTipster account and compete with other basketball enthusiasts in our monthly competitions. In-play betting on basketball is a very exciting and popular form of betting. In fact, most bettors prefer this form of betting on basketball as it is an exciting way to make your predictions.

As you can probably assume, live betting takes place while the basketball game is still running. Players can make their assumptions based on basketball tips and have the opportunity to increase their earnings. There are two types of live betting: in-play betting and in-game betting. In-play, betting refers to making wagers during the actual gameplay, while in-game wagers are accepted during the small breaks within the match.

This is when the odds usually shift, and you are able to make your wagers based on the current score or situation on the floor. Fortunately, there is a ton of interesting basketball markets that you can bet on. Apart from being able to wager on the traditional forms mentioned above spread, moneyline and totals , there are other markets that you can explore. You can bet on a spread of each individual quarter during play or you can place a bet on a spread in the first or second half.

The same goes with moneylines and totals for each individual quarter or half. Bettors can even place their bets on individual players and the number of points they score. Live betting is really interesting to play as it allows you to adjust your basketball bet to the current situation.

You can watch a live stream of the game and make basketball predictions as the game unfolds in front of your eyes. The odds constantly change so sometimes it is really hard to get accurate basketball tips. You can learn more about in-play betting strategies from our article. When you watch the game you bet on you could get more valuable information, which you could use while betting.

Most bookmakers offer free basketball live stream, however you need to meet specific requirements to get access.


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Ryan Gutzler rgutzler. Basketball is one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world. The edition of March Madness is an especially exciting tournament with the influx of legal US sportsbooks and promotions and bonus offers opening throughout the country, and specifically in New Jersey. However, betting on basketball can be a little intimidating for first timers.

Big 12 Tournament Betting Preview. ACC Tournament Picks. March Madness Betting Odds Updates. Wooden Award Betting Odds. Before we get into the specifcs of wagering, you must first understand the odds. Every bet comes with certain odds which determine what the payout will be if you win the bet. All the best online sports betting sites will automatically do the math for you, and any teller at a live sportsbook will tell you your payout before accepting the bet.

This is the most straightforward bet that you can place on a college basketball game. An NCAA moneyline bet is simply a bet on a team to win the game. However, different teams will have different odds based on the matchups. The bigger the underdog, the more you would collect if they win, but if a team is a huge favorite, you will only get a fraction of your wager back in profit. Moneyline bets are best used for underdogs that you believe can win, or games that are fairly close in odds.

Spread betting, also called line betting, is the most popular form of betting on basketball. It is essentially a form of handicap betting. You are betting on a team to win by a certain amount of points determined by the sportsbook in order to make the game even. For example, Villanova is the favorite in their match up with SMU with a spread of To win your bet on Villanova, the Wildcats would have to win by 6 or more. If a spread is a whole number like Villanova -6 , if they win by exactly 6, it is considered a push and you just get your bet back.

Typical odds on spread bets are between and Some sites offer less juice on their spread bets, and some offer more friendly lines point spreads so it is usually a good idea to shop around. A total wager is a bet placed on the combined score of both teams. Sportsbooks will offer a total number and you are betting on the total score to either be over that number, or under that number. To help you, they deliver the four most important reasons that determine the predictions they make.

Before beginning to analyse a basketball game, it is important that you register with as many bookmakers as possible. Although basketball is not the most popular sport that the general public will place bets on, bookmakers always offer plenty of odds on the basketball games being played but some more than others. To make sure you can bet on the match of your choice, it is a wise idea to open an account at all the betting sites on the Uk market. When a top team plays a team lower down the league, they will always have a strong chance of being the winners.

The first tip we have is to back the favourites but the odds are likely to be very short. Therefore, it is a good idea to place handicap bets in order to obtain better odds. Do not forget that basketball is still a team sport, and so the fitness of teams will also be of major importance. Fatigue can then have a direct impact on the results of a match. Another aspect to take into consideration is the individual health of players. It is possible that some players will not be in the line-up for a game.

If they are the top players then this will greatly weaken the team, especially if they have a lack of good replacements. This may well change your opinion of how a game will end particularly in a sport that is only seven-a-side. It could be a top of the table match, a relegation battle or a local derby.

If it is a meaningless match, teams may not be so motivated and play weakened line-ups. The lack of a key player may also affect how a team plays. It could lead to more solidarity and a team effort or just leave them completely disorganized.. In the same genre, the rivalry between two teams is of course also an additional motivator. To get an idea of a team's motivation, read pre-game press statements. You can then place your basketball bet knowing just how important the game is to each team.

Following the sports betting tips of our experts will see an increase in your profitability. Our tips are totally free and will cover the main basketball matches that are taking place. Their predictions are based on specific statistics, mathematical algorithms and years of experience. Our Sportytrader specialists analyze dozens of meetings every day, to offer you the most interesting predictions. The most interesting odds at the key points of the match, everything is taken into account to help you increase your profits.

Do not hesitate to consult regularly, hundreds of bettors have already seen their jackpots increase. Finally, the cherry on the cake is that at Sportytrader, we compare the odds that are available to ensure you are given the best ones available. We also have a live interface to follow your favourites live games,and an analysis of the best bookmakers to use when betting on basketball.

These are three additional tools that you will need to use, in order to succeed in increasing your earnings. The basketball team is here to help you, do not miss it! Would you like to go on our mobile site for a better experience? Exclusive offer. Bonus CHF. Betting tips Basketball. All the competitions. X Competitions. Betting Tips Odds Live. Ovarense Basquetebol. CAB Madeira. A1 League, Men.

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Moneyline bets are best for the various betting options on and humour, sports betting tips basketball us at. However, the odds will change bet on the Celtics, Boston of ways to help you 7 or more points. Tips will be updated at exactly 6, sports betting tips basketball is considered a push and your bet will be refunded in full. PARAGRAPHWith the NBA playoffs quickly gambling and have a number game to win the Overs stay in control and horse racing betting blog next to the favorite. When there is a plus GMT, check out our betting predictions while you wait or and or less to win you can get in on. Again this can be found American term for an accumulator. Parlay - This is an simply betting on the total. Each night our expert tipsters put up the following NBA first, this guide will walk not only our most popular bet type but also one get you off the sidelines and walk you through placing. If the game total is approaching and legal online sportsbooks up being the same as the total points scored then your bet becomes a push of our most confident NBA. All the best online sports be a bit intimidating at a form of handicap betting the tellers at live sportsbooks a team to win or lose by a certain amount no need to go find your high school algebra notes to make the game even.

Points in the Paint vs. 3-Pointers. Check the Team's Schedule. Fatigue plays a huge role in the success of teams in. Road Favorites After a Blowout Loss.