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When you choose a side against the spread and wager 11 to win 10, the book is essentially making a bet of 10 to win 11 on the other side. You can see how that would be a profitable model over time. The exception being more money coming in on a particular side from a few big bettors opposed to more tickets from the public in general.

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Research on sports betting

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Probably the cash back ones. You get your money back. Others described the impact of inducements tied to the emotion associated with large sporting events. This was particularly the case for individuals with moderate- or high-risk levels of gambling. Another stated that push notifications via his mobile phone, which offered a range of promotions, led him to bet more than he normally would have done during the State of Origin NRL match:.

The Origin a couple of weeks ago is a good example. And with those particular games I certainly bet a lot more then what I normally would, based on those specials and promotions. This study sought to investigate how the marketing of sports betting products may influence betting attitudes and consumption behaviours which ultimately may lead to harm.

The study also sought to consider potential strategies to reduce the risks posed by these marketing strategies for young male sports fans. It is clear from this study that most participants recall the marketing for sports betting in environments which are not specifically designed for gambling, and this was most notably the case during live broadcasts of Australian sports. This is the phase of cultural alignment that McCracken [ 34 ] described as taking cultural meanings within the social world, and applying them to products.

Marketing for sports betting products is no longer confined to specific gambling environments such as bookmaker websites or mobile applications and gambling venues. Rather, the marketing for these products has entered everyday community and media spaces, which have not traditionally been aligned with gambling. We would argue this is increasingly similar to betting being core to the experience of horse racing.

Marketing strategies that may shift the cultural meanings associated with gambling and sports. Legend: Theoretical model of how marketing strategies may influence a shift in the cultural meanings associated with gambling and sports, as well as the distinct promotional factors that may influence gambling consumption behaviours. However, it is not only the placement of sports betting advertisements within sports but the saturated nature of these promotions that has exacerbated a cultural alignment between betting and sports and the subsequent risks associated with betting.

This raises an important issue for policy makers and regulators in relation to the prevention of harm. While marketing for some forms of gambling e. Recognising the potential for harm, some countries, such as the UK, are now considering the prohibition of gambling promotions before the watershed the point in time after which programmes with adult content may be broadcast , as part of a comprehensive suite of harm reduction strategies associated with sports betting products [ 46 ].

In Australia, the state of Victoria is considering the restriction of betting promotions on public transport and infrastructure near schools [ 47 ]. This study suggests that policies aiming to denormalise gambling as an inherent part of sports must consider significant restrictions on the volume of advertising during sports programmes, sporting matches, and within non-gambling environments at any time of the day.

The study indicates that there are specific marketing mechanisms that intensify the symbolic relationship between gambling and sports. We would argue that the endorsement of betting by sporting codes particularly via sponsorship relationships and broadcasters has a significant influence in betting becoming a meaningful part of the life of sports fans. In part, this is because endorsement by these agencies contributes to the removal of the negative social stigma once associated with betting, embedding it as a valuable social norm for the fans of sporting codes.

Norms are regulated, in part, by the images and narratives created about sports betting by sporting codes and sporting commentary panels often comprised of sporting heroes. Given the reported influence of these types of marketing by young men in our sample, and also from studies with children [ 13 ], we would argue that the embedding of commentary-based marketing in sports is clearly an issue that requires urgent consideration by governments and sporting authorities to prevent risk and the potential for harm.

The results also suggest that very specific forms of promotions, such as inducements and incentives, play a significant role in establishing betting on sports as part of consumer behaviour. These strategies must be of central focus in any regulatory efforts to prevent and reduce harm.

Inducements and incentives minimised the perceptions of risk associated with sports betting, promoted feelings of control over the betting outcomes, and encouraged individuals to open more accounts with gambling companies and gamble more than they normally would, including on events on which they might not otherwise gamble. Even when participants acknowledged that these types of promotions were a clever marketing tactic that could increase the risks associated with gambling, they still had a strong influence over gambling consumption intentions.

Inducements are not a new marketing phenomenon for the gambling industry and are used on a range of different gambling products to stimulate consumption [ 48 ]. However, our research contributes to growing evidence about the significant influence that these types of marketing promotions may have in encouraging risky gambling behaviours.

We would also support the development of sustained and adequately funded public education programmes to complement the legislative approaches already suggested for policy makers. These programmes should be developed independent of the gambling industry and related interests, emphasise the harms associated with their products, and expose approaches used by the industry. There is encouraging evidence on the value of mass media campaigns in addressing a range of public health problems [ 49 ], and the findings from this study should assist in providing formative research for the development of such campaigns related to gambling.

In addition to this, further research should also seek to explore the influence of marketing on the betting attitudes and behaviours of other population subgroups, including female sports fans, and younger populations, such as children and adolescents. Finally, it is important to consider the study limitations. Despite participants having gambled on a range of products, the results of our study may not be generalisable to young men who bet on other sports, horses, or sporting events e.

Second, the sample was skewed towards young men who were educated and living in more affluent socio-economic neighbourhoods. Finally, in this study, we did not aim to diversify the sample with regard to ethnicity. This research suggests that marketing plays a strong role in the normalisation of gambling in sports and in encouraging gambling consumption intentions and behaviours.

For the young men in our study, the emotional investment in the game, and the ways in which they 'consume sport', for the most part, now included betting on the match. This is problematic as there is an absence of overarching cultural and organisational structures to restrict sports betting promotions.

There is now a clear industry presence in non-gambling and community settings. Policy makers must begin to consider the lag between evolving gambling landscapes and sophisticated marketing strategies used by the gambling industry and sporting codes to promote gambling products, and effective harm reduction measures in order to protect populations from gambling harm.

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Qual Quant. With bettors clamoring for an edge, legacy media outlets could add a gambling beat to their daily sports coverage — or risk losing out. Many states are pondering making gambling on sports legal after the US Supreme Court overturned a federal ban. But is the industry really worth as much as some say it is? But those hoping for a boon in tax revenues could be sorely mistaken: Sports betting isn't as lucrative as it's often portrayed to be.

Mobile money transfers have been a great asset. But the rise of online betting could threaten its contribution. Gambling has impacts on many aspects of life — including employment, income and wealth. The release of HILDA's latest survey provides more evidence to help inform decisions on gambling policy. Fantasy sports began as a niche hobby for statistically inclined sports fanatics.

But, with the internet, it has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry. When is the upcoming ban on early evening TV sports betting ads not a real ban? When it's a partial ban that ignores how real people watch sport. There is reason to suggest new reforms, such a banning credit bets and establishing a self-exclusion register, will have some impact in helping to tackle problem gambling online.

The NRL is trying to reduce its exposure to the integrity risks posed by spot-fixing.

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Research Tips to Get Better Results · Look Up the Game Implications · Have a Starting Point Each Week · Validate Your Stats · Be Careful of Opinion Pieces · Don't. Explore sports betting industry data and analysis. Discover standards for online sportsbooks and detailed reports on the state of sports betting today. The key point to understand is that the difference between winning and losing over the long-term is measured by only a few percentage points. Anyone can go one week, but very few sports bettors win above 54% of their bets over the course of entire season.