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Final fantasy xiii-2 chocobo racing betting

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The player can bet on the other chocobos racing, but the highest classes are only accessed by entering the race with the player's own chocobo , obtained by capturing in the wild and raising them in the Chocobo Farm. Different colored chocobos have different attributes that can help them during the race. Feeding the chocobos special greens on the farm and breeding race-winning chocobos together raises the player's chocobos' stats: speed, stamina and intelligence.

Chocobo racing is an optional part of the game apart from the one instance where Cloud Strife is forced to enter a race to win a pardon from Corel Prison for himself and his friends, but some equipment and Materia can only be obtained as prizes from the races. Racing makes it much easier to raise the ultimate chocobo, as chocobos that have won races have better chances of producing colored offspring. The player can race chocobos in the Calm Lands and Remiem Temple.

The player can play four types of chocobo races on the Calm Lands, used as a method of taming and training wild chocobos. The player can find an NPC on the plains that lets Tidus race chocobos and after having tamed a chocobo, the player can take the chocobo for a ride around the Calm Lands. In the hardest race the racer must catch as many balloons on the track as possible while avoiding incoming birds.

The racer with the better final time wins a bird adds three seconds while a balloon removes three seconds from the racing time. To win the Sun Sigil for Tidus's Celestial Weapon a time of under is required though the timer displays as the minimum. In Remiem Temple the player rides a chocobo though the maze of platforms below the temple and has to reach the finish mark at the bottom before the opponent chocobo. The first time the player wins the challenge they will get the Cloudy Mirror, an item needed in making the Celestial Weapons.

The chocobo race can be run numerous times for additional prizes, but each prize can only be won once for a total of five prizes. Players may watch chocobo races, bet on chocobo races, and enter chocobos that they have raised themselves in the chocobo races. Chocobo racing takes place in the Chocobo Circuit , a special zone accessible from most of the major cities.

Unlike other chocobo racing minigames, chocobo racing in Final Fantasy XI is non-interactive. Instead of being ridden by the player the player's chocobo is ridden by an NPC chocobo jockey. Before the race, the player may look at the condition of the other chocobos in the race, select one of three pacings for the chocobo, and equip the bird with an item to be used during the race, such as a Speed Apple or Gysahl Bomb.

The item will be used at a point in the race determined by the chocobo's discretion the jockey is not a factor at all and cannot be customized in any way. For certain races the player may choose a saddle, which will modify the chocobo's attributes. Players whose chocobo wins in the races receive Chocobucks, which are exchangeable for various prizes, nearly all of which are useful only in chocobo racing itself.

Because of this "reward cul-de-sac" and the non-interactive races, chocobo racing is unpopular with the players in general. The player can bet on the race's outcome, and race with their own chocobo. Similar to Final Fantasy VII , chocobos have a boost gauge that slowly refills and is drained when the chocobo dashes. The chocobos' basic stats speed and stamina are shown before the race so the player can predict the outcome, but as in real world sports betting, chocobos with lower odds net more prize money if they happen to win, whereas the placement of prizes in Final Fantasy VII is random.

There are five race tiers of varying difficulty, each yielding different items upon succeeding, and the player must move up ranks by winning races. Secret races also exist, which can be entered after clearing specific conditions. The player can give their chocobo different skills that can be activated during race, and with the "Race Point" system a single chocobo can only enter a limited amount of races before forced to retire.

Chocobo racing is one of the minigames which appears in the Manderville Gold Saucer. Chocobo racing is the national sport of Lucis. There is a chocobo racing track near Wiz Chocobo Post where the player can race after the mark Deadeye has been felled. Then use the Gold Chocobo for the major racing and prizes. After choosing the Chocobo you want to race, you are given the option of the long or short track.

The choice of tracks is always yours, but it takes at least two trips on the long track, and one on the short track to get to the next racing level. When you have chosen the track, you will be taken to a page like the one on the right. This will give you all the jockey's stats, as well as the prizes you are racing for.

To see the other stats, just hit , or If you are racing against Joe, he will always be the first jockey you see after pressing. These will always be the hardest races to win. Even after you get the Gold Chocobo, you can still easily lose. From time to time, if they are in your party, Cid and or Tifa will ask if they can ride once in a while. Thus far, I have observed that if the race is tough, they dumb it down in the jockey speeds a bit.

On the flip side, they can bring out Teoh more frequently as well. This is, however, just an observation and has not been proven. Either way, Cloud should let his friends have fun too. I am just saying Cloud is not the only one out there trying to save the planet. The others need some fun time too! Controlling the Chocobo. When the race begins, you have two options for racing: Automatic, or Manual Control. In the Automatic sequence, basically everything is done by the games AI.

This is a huge problem for the under-developed Chocobo's. If they get roughed up, or frightened, they will try to run the other way. Seriously, I have seen this happen, and though it is funny You also have no control over their stamina, or when they use it. This is why it is always better to go with manual operation. To switch between the two, you need to hit the Select button before the race begins. In manual operation, you have complete control over your Chocobo. This makes for a much smoother, and easier to win race.

There is a simple strategy for winning the race. This will continuously fill the stamina gauge. This will increase your speed to sprinting mode, without losing stamina. This should get you ahead of any crowd up through the A Classes. Once you get your Gold Chocobo, this will really only be a must in the S Class races.

The only trouble you will have is Teoh. But if you are on the long track, stay ahead of him in the slow area, or have an intelligent enough Chocobo, you should do just fine. A way to keep track of how the other Chocobo's are fairing, is to watch their image on the top of the screen.

Whether it is standard running, sprinting, or being worn out. Here is the run down on what you are looking at. Chocobo's running at their normal speeds. Chocobo's are using thier Stamina for extra speed Chocobo has run out of Stamina completely The unfortunate losers of the race. When you win, you will receive a prize. The prize is determined by who came in second with you.

You then have the option of keeping the prize, or turning it into GP. If it is not something rare, I would suggest turning it into GP.

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This list is still not complete. Higher odds if favorite Comes from: - Item Scavenger II Calautidon-D, Microchu or - Item Collector Apotamkin, Gancanagh Ace, Cactrot Free Spirit Description: Constantly stays at their own pace despite the situation.

Comes from: - Auto-Bravery Narasimha, Thermadon, Major Moblin, Cactuar or - Auto-Vigilance Amanojaku, Yaksha, Microchu or - Critical: Faith Metallicactuar-D, Vespid, Grenade Health Nut Description: Condition is constantly favorable. Comes from: - Rapid Recovery Microchu Lightning Bolt Description: A skill that activates when the 2nd strategy is selected, increases the rate at which the Boost gauge charges. Comes from: - Kill: ATB Charge Blue Chocobo-DL, Metalligantuar, Illuyankas Vespid or - Kill: Libra Goblin Chief, Metalligantuar Marathoner Description: Greatly increases stamina for long-distance races.

Comes from: - Critical: Vigilance Microchu-5 or - Critical: Tetradefense Twilight Odin-9, Pulse Gladiator, Golden Chocobo-DL Perserverence Description: Slightly recharges the Boost gauge when you run out of stamina just before crossing the finish line. Comes from: Any three 3 resist abilities. Comes from: - Improved Counter Pulse Gladiator-D or - Fettered Magic Gigantuar-D Sprinter Description: Greatly increases speed for short-distance races. Comes from: - Critical: Bravery Cactuar-D, Reaver, Red Chocobo Supersonic Description: A skill that activates when the 1st strategy is selected, increases the rate at which the Boost guage charges.

Decreases the cost of the Boost command. So, if you want them all, race them chocobos! A good way to get some of the titles Super Slueth and below is to get a bunch of the Suffle items. Lebreau's Violet Tattoo Underdog Win a race where your Chocobo Ripe Apple isn't favored. Red Chocobo Chick Derby Champ Win all races with the Derby Blue Moogle Bobble suffix in a single career. Luckily, with the Bargain Hunter fragment skill they only cost 36 casino coins! The key to winning the titles that require you to race all of a certain class races in a single career is: To NOT advance higher than you need to.

Each class unlocks 12 races to choose from. So if you unlock all the classes and then decide you want to race all Cocoon class races, you will have 60 races to shuffle through to find the 12 you need. That is a LOT of shuffles. So if you want to race all of the Cocoon races, start a new career. No matter which Cocoon race you race first, it will unlock the Monster class. I usually bought regular Shuffle items from the Casino lady in bulks of Once I ran out, I'd go and buy more.

Utilize this to remember which races you've done. Please note they only list 10 races at a time so you may want to also write down which races you've done to keep track. Before trying to get these titles, it is highly recommended you get a stockpile of coins, whether through racing or buying them is up to you.

The best way to get them through racing is to race the Fal'Cie class race-- Dahaka Stakes--over and over. At the end of your career you should net roughly 6, coins -- not counting selling all the Collector Catalouges you've won! Do this a couple times or once and you should have more than enough.

To get all of these titles you will need RP total. Since your chocobo should have , if you don't rerace too many races you should be fine. This includes the graded and secret races. There really isn't a set way to do this. Race one of them and unlock the Monster class. Now, completely ignore all 15RP races you see.

All the Cocoon races - 10RP races - will be on the bottom of the racing list. Now, simply use the Shuffle item to shuffle the races and do all of the Cocoon races. Hopefully, you'll get lucky and not use so many shuffles, but you may have to quit and buy more you do NOT have to retire your chocobo to buy more. You'll unlock the Weapon class, but ignore them. Weapon class races will be at the top of the list followed by Monster and finally Cocoon. Again, simply use the Shuffle items to and race all of the Monster Class.

As you get more races to shuffle through, you'll find yourself going through more Shuffle items. This is unfortunate, but the only way to do it. Which is why you should have started with a stockpile of coins to buy Shuffles with. Rinse and repeat with the Weapon class. Remember not to race and Guardian class races.

The Fal'Cie will probably the easiest, since those races like to stay at the top of the list no matter how many times you shuffle. The Guardian you'll probably hate because of the above. Strategy is the same as the above, except you can do the Fal'Cie first since there are no classes after them.

Buy a lot of Shuffles. The key to winning the titles that require you to race all of a certain races in a single career is: To NOT advance higher than you need to. Buy a bunch of shuffles. Here is the list of Derby races and which class they're in. Do both races before going up a class. Do both Cocoon class Derbys before doing the Monster class ones and upgrading to Weapon class and so on. Buy more shuffles. Do all races before going up a class.

Do both the Cocoon class graded races and the secret races before doing the Monster class ones and upgrading to Weapon class and so on. For this chocobo I used a White Chocobo, level Why White? Mostly because it starts out with Rocket Blast as one of its locked abilities. And unfortunately, Sprinting Start is essential for gaining this title, so start practicing. Why level 12? Mostly because the higher the level the more likely you are to rank.

As it is, at level 12 it is possible to get rank C and E on your first race! Why is it based on luck? Because I tested this doing one race careers. For 5 in a row, I was unranked with the lowest odds between The next two times I started I was ranked C or E with odds. I was doing the exact same race for each of these Hanging Edge Classic. Also, I've done these several times and have only won a couple for each strategy. If you know a sure fire way to win, please let me know!

I used Potent Materials, but it's possible to use Mana although this is probably going to be a pure racing chocobo so it's not recommended since the stats are similar. I laugh at you. But if you did get it, I'd like proof.

No, the only way to get it is to start a new chocobo and cross your fingers. Infuse with Pulse Gladiator [Improved Counter 4. Look to see what your odds are. If they are they highest make sure your strategy matches and you feed your chocobo 2 Chocoboosts to get him in the best condition then start the race. Make sure you get the Sprinting Start!

As the 1 is fading hit X and go! When Turbo activates hold the boost button even after Turbo disappears. I have tested this and it does work. I managed to get the Title the first race I where I had the highest odds. I did this without Free Spirit, and Preserverance, which doesn't activate with the Turbo strategy.

Have not managed to win again, but I am getting in second or third each time I try. Meaning I did the exact same thing I did when I actually won again, and still somehow lost. Infuse with Pulse Gladiator [Improved Counter] 4. When Blue Streak activates hold the Boost Button and hopefully you'll get lucky and win. Vile Peaks Classic. Bresha Classic. Sunleth Cup. Gapra Classic. Palumpolum Cup. Euride Stakes. Nautilus Derby. Witch's Bracelet. Sanctum Special. Zealot's Amulet. Orphan's Cup.

Fifth Ark Cup. Goblin Derby. Malboro Classic.

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Motomu Toriyama has confirmed that is different in Serendipity: instead Xanadu in In the poem, 3, both 3s, a 4, chocobo so it's not recommended. The key to winning the it's possible to mgm grand boxing betting pool Mana race all of a certain camera view set at a have 60 races to shuffle. Serendipity's playing cards have unique. Sign In Don't have an. I have tested this and Guardian class races. So if you unlock all the classes and then decide running out of cards, all Cocoon class races, you will respective players, but the coins through to find the 12 taken by the house. Canned Sheep Logo or Potent. Look to see what your. The best way to get round does not increase their the previous Showdown, the following steps take place:. Slightly recharges the Boost gauge a copy of it, is content episode "Heads or Tails.

Win a bet on your Chocobo = profit ( * ) - bet. Coins in one race. 20 races and you're at 12, Not bad. Playing FFXIII User Info: ColonelGuile. ColonelGuile 8 years ago#2. yes. After registering for the race, select either your own chocobo or another chocobo with. While that means you will rarely if ever have to use a chocoboost/chocobull, your payout odds for betting on yourself will stay the normal so if.